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Thomas Assessments

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Personality & Work Behavioral Assessments (DISC)

Uncover Your Natural Strengths: Explore the intricacies of your work behavioral preferences with our Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) tool. Gain valuable insights to consolidate strengths and enhance self-awareness for a more effective work life.

Assessing Leadership Potential

Nurturing Future Leaders: Identify and develop leadership potential within your team through the High Potential Trait Indicator (HPTI). Ideal for succession planning, this tool shapes the next generation of leaders.

Cognitive Ability

Measuring Mental Horsepower: Gauge cognitive abilities crucial for success with the General Intelligence Assessment (GIA). Understand how quickly individuals can learn and adapt, ensuring the right fit for challenging roles.

Staff-to-Staff Compatibility

Fostering Positive Work Relations: Manage work relations effectively by understanding staff-to-staff compatibility through the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA). Promote teamwork and mitigate potential conflicts.

Job Behavior Assessment

Defining Job Success: Identify the behavioral requirements of a job with the Thomas Job Analysis (HJA). Shape roles, optimize talent deployment, and ensure job satisfaction.

Person-to-Job Fit

Matching Skills to Roles: Achieve optimal person-to-job fit by combining the insights of PPA and HJA. Make informed decisions for recruitment, role restructuring, and talent deployment.

Management Audit

Elevating Management Practices: Conduct a comprehensive Management Audit using the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA). Fine-tune leadership strategies and enhance overall managerial effectiveness.

Leadership Skills Audit

Optimizing Leadership Capacities: Assess and optimize leadership skills with the Leadership Skills Audit, utilizing the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) tool. Drive impactful leadership development.

Manager-to-Subordinate Engagement

Strengthening Team Dynamics: Enhance manager-to-subordinate engagement using the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA). Foster effective communication and collaboration within your teams.

Emotional Intelligence

Mastering Emotional Intelligence: Enhance personal and professional relationships by measuring Emotional Intelligence using the TEIQue tool. Develop a well-rounded and emotionally intelligent workforce.

Risk and Integrity

Ensuring Ethical Decision-Making: Mitigate risks and maintain integrity within your organization with the Work-Related Risk and Integrity Scale (WRISc).

Talent Management

Strategic Talent Development: Implement effective talent management strategies using the combined insights of PPA and HJA. Develop and deploy talent strategically for organizational success.

Remote Working Potential

Navigating the Virtual Workspace: Assess remote working potential with the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA). Equip your team with the skills needed for successful virtual collaboration.

VELSOFT Training

Team Building & Team Cohesion

Building Stronger Teams: Strengthen team dynamics and cohesion through engaging Team Building programs by VELSOFT. Foster positive communication and collaboration.

Perfomance Management

Optimizing Individual Performance: Drive individual and team success with Performance Management tools by VELSOFT. Enhance productivity and achieve strategic objectives.

Leadership Training

Empowering Leaders: Equip your leadership team with essential skills through VELSOFT’s Leadership Training programs. Cultivate effective leadership for organizational success.

Inspirational Talks

Motivation for Success: Engage and inspire your team with Inspirational Talks by VELSOFT trained professionals. Ignite motivation and encourage a positive and productive mindset.

Other Services

Background Checks

Securing Your Workforce: Ensure a secure and trustworthy workforce through our comprehensive Background Checks. Mitigate potential risks and build a reliable team.

Outsourcing & Manpower Planning

Strategic Workforce Solutions: Optimize your workforce with our Outsourcing and Manpower Planning services. Streamline operations and achieve organizational efficiency.

We Find Your Success

Have questions about Jaans Solutions and our transformative services? Below, we address some frequently asked questions to provide you with clear insights into our approach, expertise, and the benefits we bring to your organization. If you have additional inquiries, feel free to reach out – we’re here to guide you on your journey to success.

PPA is a psychometric tool by Thomas International that provides accurate insights into how individuals behave at work. It aids in recruitment, learning and development, and reducing staff turnover by enhancing self-awareness and consolidating working strengths.

Team Building at Jaans Solutions focuses on fostering positive communication, leadership skills, and teamwork. This approach enhances overall team dynamics, ensuring better management skills, positive collaboration, and innovative problem-solving.

Our hospitality-meets-organization approach ensures integrated, high-quality customer care services. Understanding client dynamics and delivering excellence across public and private bodies is vital for success in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

Jaans Solutions, affiliated with Velsoft, offers capacity-building programs that go beyond performing tasks. We focus on transformation from within, changing mindsets and attitudes for both government and private entities, ensuring sustained success.

NOTE: Our Team Building engagement is Purely Learning through Play!!

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